Dr Cocktail, CEO of Bar Zine (ok, this is actually an image that was spray-painted on a vintage portable bar).

Bar Zine is dedicated to reviewing the best bars in Sydney and is completely independent, honest and unbiased.

The reviews here aren’t static and will be added to and re-written as time goes on (for example, if there’s a change in the cocktail menu or when we go back and have a different experience).

We go to the bars anonymously and, unless someone sees our shabby clothes and buys us drinks out of pity, we pay our own way. It also means we only review bars that we want to go to – if a doorman is rude to us (which happens a bit, this being Sydney) or if we don’t feel welcome or comfortable, we won’t go ahead with the review. After all, if we wouldn’t want to drink in the bar normally, we’re not going to pay money to do so just for the sake of a story.

Having said that, even when we like a bar enough to drink in it, our review can be critical – but we always strive to be fair and state both what we like and what we didn’t like.

We think that reader contributions are key to a good site and genuinely want and hope that you guys will leave comments under the reviews and in our new forums section. Having said that, we want the comments to be fair as well. If you don’t like something about the bar and say so, then that’s fine – but you need to state why. If we see a comment that just seems to be malicious for the sake of it, we won’t publish it.

If you have any tips or suggestions for the site then we’d love to hear from you so feel free to email us.

Bar Zine is published by Dan Kaufman, a journalist who has worked on magazines and newspapers for over 18 years. He often tells people that he puts his liver on the line for this website but so far no-one has laughed at this paltry joke.


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