Mojo Record Bar – Sydney CBD

I have found the perfect bar.

A bar that plays music from the likes of The Smiths and the Happy Mondays (and at a volume where you can still have a conversation).

A bar that has cocktails with names such as Lemon Cohen and where a White Stripes cover is blown up and hanging in an elegant frame as if it were high art.

A bar with an array of odd bulbs and nautical lamps hanging from the ceiling that cast a glow against the red walls, long wooden bar counter and leather banquettes.

In other words, I have found Mojo Record Bar.

Mojo used to be a record store at 32 York Street (where the new tenant is now the Spooning Goats small bar), but has moved to a new address nearby – and in addition to having a record store up the front of this subterranean space, there’s also the bar down the back.

It looks as if Shirt Bar might have started a new Sydney trend of combining retail with liquor.

The bar staff here also know what they’re doing. I order the Fools Gold, which is made with blanco tequila, Aperol, limoncello, grapefruit and costs $18. This is a subtly balanced and beautiful drink where you can taste each of the ingredients, from the sweet bitterness of the Aperol to the tang of the grapefruit, and which is served in a glass rimmed with bitters-soaked sugar.

There’s also a great selection of craft beers, you can order pizza and …

Well, I could keep writing but, if your music tastes are anything like mine, I strongly suggest you head on down to Mojo Record Bar and check it out for yourself instead.

Mojo Record Bar, 73 York Street, Sydney. Open Monday to Saturday until midnight. See the Mojo Record Bar website

Now it’s your turn – how do you rate Mojo Record Bar?

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4 Comments Mojo Record Bar – Sydney CBD

  1. Angus

    My friend and I went for an hour on a Saturday night – wasn’t too busy from 7-8, has a great selection of ales (Lord Nelson, Vale, White Rabbit), and even a real ale on pull! Music was great too. Definitely revisiting – this place feels like a bar should feel.

  2. John

    Got there at six on a Friday and for a small venue was busy, so probably best for a small group on a busy night. Apparently talking to some other patrons it was a lot quieter around 5pm. I went in with a friend and we had standing room chatting away for about 30min and then grabbed the next available seat. Good friendly atmosphere. Really good vibe to this joint, a cool small intimate venue. Really enjoyed it and will be going back. Nice selection of microbrewery beverages, also cocktails and a small but more than palatable wine selection.

    For those who dig vinyl there’s a shop that bears the Mojo name right next door, so suggest you leave work early on Friday, and check out some tunes in the shop before grabbing a seat, with your favourite drink and your chosen company. Enjoy! J

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