My Shout iPhone app for Sydney bars

I’ve always believed our economy should be based on cocktails rather than cash, and now there’s an iPhone app for Sydneysiders that takes a step in the right direction. Called My Shout, it allows you to buy people drinks and food when you’re not in the same bar as them – or if you are but are too lazy to go to the counter yourself. This means the next time you can’t make it to someone’s party you can still shout them drinks.

The app is free and the drinks don’t cost any more than normal. It also integrates with Facebook, so you can buy someone a real drink and have it appear on their page (allowing all of their Facebook friends to see how generous you are).

“You’ve seen those virtual gifts that people buy online, like a photo of a drink that you put on a friend’s Facebook wall – it doesn’t really mean anything, or when it’s your birthday on Facebook and you get 50 messages saying happy birthday. What if even ten per cent of them could be real drinks that you could redeem?” says Arri Khan, one of the co-founders of My Shout (the other co-founder is Myron Festejo). “This takes it one step further – it’s an actual, tangible gift that actually has meaning behind it.”

The app seems easy enough to use: once you choose a friend from your contacts list or from Facebook, you then select a bar you want to shout at, and then which drink (or food item). Provided your friend has an iPhone, they then need to download the MyShout App and redeem the drink in person by taking their phone to the bar and showing the redeem screen to the bartender.

At the moment five bars have signed up to it – Hemingway’s, Since I left You, Darlie Laundromatic, City Hotel and Name This Bar, plus Awkward ought to be joining them soon.

You can try out the free My Shout iPhone app by clicking or searching for “My Shout” in the App store.

Bars and other venues that want to be listed in the app can contact My Shout via

You can also check out the MyShout website

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